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How To Watch IIHF World Juniors 2022 Live Stream

Following a recommendation by the tournament COVID-19 Medical Group and the IIHF Medical Committee, the IIHF Council has decided that, due to the ongoing spread of COVID-19 and the Omicron variant, the 2022 IIHF World Junior Championship will be cancelled to ensure the health and safety of all participants.

The decision comes following a positive case on a player on the Russian national team, which would have necessitated a forfeit of the Russia-Slovakia game scheduled for 29 December. The game is the third to be cancelled due to positive cases, following Switzerland-USA and Finland-Czechia.

In addition to ensuring the health and safety of participants, the Council has determined that with another forfeiture – the third forfeited game in two days – the sportive integrity of the event has been compromised, and the event must be cancelled.

“Together with the teams, we came into this event with full confidence in the COVID-19 protocols put in place by the IIHF, the LOC, Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services and the Public Health Agency of Canada,” said IIHF President Luc Tardif. “The ongoing spread of COVID-19 and the Omicron variant forced us to readjust our protocols almost immediately upon arrival to attempt to stay ahead of any potential spread. This included daily testing and the team quarantine requirement when positive cases were confirmed.”

“We owed it to the participating teams to do our best to create the conditions necessary for this event to work,” said Tardif. “Unfortunately, this was not enough. We now have to take some time and focus on getting all players and team staff back home safely.”

The IIHF World Junior Championship 2022 Has Finally Begun!

We understand that you are looking forward to learning more about the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship 2022. Well, gathering the necessary detailed information from a reliable site about this championship is a difficult task. We care about you, so we’ve compiled the most recent information about the IIHF 2022.

The IIHF junior championship is essentially a hockey championship league held every year and attracts contestants from all over Europe. The IIHF will be held this year in 2022.  It will begin on December 26th, 2021. The championship, however, will last until January 5th, 2022, with the gold medal game.

However, the event’s location was decided earlier in 2020, and according to the decisions this time in 2022, the event will be held at the Peavey Martin Red Deer and Rogers Place in the heart of Edmonton. The championship also has a slew of strict rules and regulations. Moreover, the championship has excellent methods of live streaming for those who were unable to join the champion league in person. On the other hand, these live streaming options range from Hulu to Fubo and Paramount to Amazon TV. Furthermore, if you live in a country where the live streaming options are not available then we have selected the best VPN range for you: Among these VPNs are Nord, Surf Shark, and others.

However, the Champions League is one of the most exciting and popular hockey leagues in Europe, with fans from all over the continent. Thus, if you are looking for authentic yet exciting information about IIHF, look no further than our website’s original yet exciting information.

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The IIHF World Junior Championship is one of the most celebrated annual events in the world of sports. The IIHF (also known as International Ice Hockey Federation) has been officially organizing this event every year, since 1977. As the name suggests, this Ice Hockey Championship is for players under 20. Ice Hockey Teams from around the world participate in this yearly tournament. This particular event is so attractive that almost all the top hockey players under 20 participate in this championship.

The IIHF World Junior Championship 2020 is scheduled to take place in the Czech Republic. It will begin in late December and end in January, following its tradition. The entire event will be broadcasted by different TV channels and websites.

Though the event is open for all the nations, the main tournament comprises ten top-ranking hockey countries. This cadre often is known as the ‘Top Division’. Other countries are placed in the other three divisions known as Division I, Division II, and Division III. While the top-ranked nations play for the trophy, other nations fight in different tournaments to gain promotion in the league hierarchy.

Canada is known to hold the title of the strongest team so far. Due to the importance of ice hockey in Canada’s culture, it is normal for them to be the best in this sport. However, America and European countries also gave their best to take the trophy home. This competitive nature of the top teams is what makes the spectators crazy with anticipation and excitement. Hockey lovers from all around the world sit in front of their Televisions, Computers, and Mobile phones to enjoy this special event.

world juniors 2022 live

Time and Venue:

Ostrava and Třinec, two northeast cities of the Czech Republic, have been chosen to host the 44th IIHF World Junior Championship, where thousands of people will gather to enjoy the tournament. However, people from other regions of the Czech Republic and around the world will be glued to the screen of their devices to watch it.
The first match is scheduled to take place from Thursday, December 25, 2021, to January 5th, 2022.

The tournament has been divided into two parts. The group A and the Group B qualification matches will take place parallelly. Group A matches will take place in Werk Arena stadium, Třinec, and group B matches will take place in Ostrava Arena, Ostrava. The Wreck Arena is an indoor stadium and is not that large but it can host 5400 people easily. Ostrava Arena, on the other hand, can host nearly 12500 people. The limited number of seats means the limited number of tickets. So, you really should manage your ticket right now if you want to watch the game directly. The quarter-finals however will be equally divided between two venues. All other games like relegation, semifinal, Bronze medal game, and final will be held in Ostrava.

World Juniors 2022 Championship Game Schedule

VisitorHomeTime (ET)Additional Info

Sun, Dec 20
6:00 PM
Exhibition Play

Sun, Dec 20
Czech Republic
9:30 PM
Exhibition Play

Mon, Dec 21

AustriaGermany2:00 PMExhibition Play
Mon, Dec 21

SwedenCanada6:00 PMExhibition Play
Mon, Dec 21

RussiaSlovakia9:30 PMExhibition Play
Tues, Dec 22

FinlandUSA6:00 PMExhibition Play
Tues, Dec 22

SwitzerlandSweden9:30 PMExhibition Play
Wed, Dec 23

SlovakiaAustria2:00 PMExhibition Play
Wed, Dec 23

CanadaRussia6:00 PMExhibition Play
Wed, Dec 23

Czech RepublicGermany9:30 PMExhibition Play
Fri, Dec 25

SwitzerlandSlovakia2:00 PM
Fri, Dec 25

GermanyFinland6:00 PM
Fri, Dec 25

RussiaUSA9:30 PM
Sat, Dec 26

SwedenCzech Republic2:00 PM
Sat, Dec 26

GermanyCanada6:00 PM
Sat, Dec 26

USAAustria9:30 PM
Sun, Dec 27

FinlandSwitzerland2:00 PM
Sun, Dec 27

SlovakiaCanada6:00 PM
Sun, Dec 27

Czech RepublicRussia9:30 PM
Mon, Dec 28

AustriaSweden6:00 PM
Mon, Dec 28

SlovakiaGermany9:30 PM
Tues, Dec 29

USACzech Republic2:00 PM
Tues, Dec 29

CanadaSwitzerland6:00 PM
Tues, Dec 29

AustriaRussia9:30 PM
Wed, Dec 30

FinlandSlovakia2:00 PM
Wed, Dec 30

SwitzerlandGermany6:00 PM
Wed, Dec 30

RussiaSweden9:30 PM
Thurs, Dec 31

Czech RepublicAustria2:00 PM
Thurs, Dec 31

CanadaFinland6:00 PM
Thurs, Dec 31

SwedenUSA9:30 PM
Sat, Jan 2

TBDTBD12:00 PMQuarterfinal
Sat, Jan 2
TBDTBD3:30 PMQuarterfinal
Sat, Jan 2TBDTBD7:00 PMQuarterfinal
Sat, Jan 2TBDTBD10:30 PMQuarterfinal
Mon, Jan 4TBDTBD6:00 PMSemifinal
Mon, Jan 4TBDTBD9:30 PMSemifinal
Tues, Jan 5TBDTBD5:30 PMBronze Medal Game
Tues, Jan 5TBDTBD9:30 PMGold Medal Game
Table Of Content

Best Division

The main attraction of the entire championship is the matches between the countries of the West Division. The best among these ten nations is Canada. They managed to secure 31 medals total, 17 of which are Gold. Russia is in the second position with 22 total medals. But Russia was a part of the USSR. USSR had won 13 medals. And CIS has owned another medal. So, The areas of the previous USSR have won a total of 36 medals. The third place is secured by Finland with 15 medals. Switzerland is in the last place with 1 bronze medal.

TV Guide

People around the world can easily enjoy the 44th IIHF World Junior on the official broadcast channels. This year IIHF has updated application forms on their websites for all the channels that are interested in covering the tournament. Only a few channels have been known to confirm that they will broadcast the tournament. Almost all of the broadcasting channels are available online.

People in the USA can watch it on NHL cable networks. The NHL Network is a reliable source of the broadcast when it comes to Hockey. You will just have to tune to the NHL and enjoy. People living in Canada can enjoy TSN GO. However, TSN GO is only broadcasted in Canada. People outside of the country will have to use VPN to connect with TSN GO. People from Russia can watch it on Match TV, while the Swedish people have to rely on SVT and TV4. The Finnish fans will have to watch it on the YLE channels. The Slovakians can watch it on RTVS. Outside of these channel’s respective areas, you will have to use VPN to connect with them.

As more channels are feeling the application form to have the broadcasting right, it can be assumed that channels that previously covered the IIHF World Juniors, will do the same this year. Let’s have a look at those channels.

IIHF World Junior Ice Hockey Championships 2022 Streaming Channels

World Juniors 2022 TV broadcasters are below.

How to Stream World Juniors 2022 live Online

There are lots of options to watch World Juniors 2022 online. Nowadays, you’re not limited to just your TV and cable or satellite provider’s guide anymore. You can try one of these streaming services  Sling TV, AT&T TV Now, Hulu with Live TV,  Vidgo

How to Watch world juniors 2022 with social media

Many different social media websites will have the opportunity to show live coverage of this world juniors event. Simply do a google search for the events and highlights on these three platforms Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and you should find plenty of coverage. If either your region of residence has been blacked out or you are not accessible, just be prepared to use a VPN to view the streams outside of those regions.


face book tv

Facebook is the most exciting social media platform to watch the World Juniors tournament on. The live streams were free and available with just a tap of your finger, no app or payment was required. One tap and there you were, watching the best young hockey players in the world play live for hours without commercials. I used my AirPods so I could multitask using FaceTime.


twitter tv

The best way to enjoy the World Juniors is by getting involved and interacting with the other hockey fans on Twitter. With so many people all around the world posting about their teams, it’s easy for any fan to feel like they are a part of it, even if they’re not in Toronto. You can watch full games or just highlights and read your friends’ reactions in real-time. There’s nothing better than cheering on your favorite team with others all over the world.


reddit tv

Reddit is made up of communities. On the 2018 World Junior Championship, you can find a subreddit called /r/hockey. They’ll have links to the games and comment threads on many of them for discussion.

Reddit is categorized in subreddits that increase or decrease your chances of finding what you’re looking for depending on if it is broad categories like “Sports” or specific topics like “Finance”. The best part about Reddit is that there are always new threads with fresh content so unless someone has posted in a past thread, you’ll always have something interesting to read.

YouTube TV

you tube tv

It depends a lot on how you want to watch it. You can sign up for one of the services I mentioned.

If you have your phone or tablet with you all the time and live in an area where the internet is good (and chances are if you’re reading this then it is), then watching one of these streaming services might be worth a try.

I would suggest Sling TV because they have more channels that suit some sports fans, like ESPN and Fox Sports channels that show games on-demand and occasionally air them live.

Sling TV

sling tv

if you are lucky enough to have a cable subscription go to Sling TV and buy one. The price is pretty reasonable and they give you some free content too. You can also get a 7 day trial for no risk at all. For people who can’t get access to cable or Sling TV, try using 5-6 different streaming services of your choice that might have what you need and check each one out because they do vary in cost but all offer World Juniors action in some form or another for free or close to it for some time window before the event finishes so take advantage of these trial periods.

Sling TV packages

CostNumber of Channels
Sling Orange$30 per month32
Sling Blue$30 per month47
Sling Orange + Sling Blue$45 per month53


at & t Tv

Streaming World Juniors 2022 live online is a great option for people who want to watch without interruption from commercials or otherwise worry about their internet connection is too slow. Watch carefully to see if AT&T TV Now offers the channels you want in order to avoid any disappointment down the line.

AT&T TV PackagesPriceChannel Count
ENTERTAINMENT$69.99/mo. + taxes65+
CHOICE$84.99/mo + taxes90+
ULTIMATE$94.99/mo + taxes130+
PREMIER$139.99/mo + taxes140+


The above-mentioned channels may not be available in your region. You can use VPN to enjoy the matches in that case. You can always use VPN to bypass the geo-blocking and connect with all of the websites you wish to and enjoy the matches.  The VyprVPN is a reliable VPN. You can also use POWER VPN if you plan to enjoy the game from the Phone.

How to watch world juniors 2022 with express VPN?

express vpn live

Accordion Sample DescriptioIt is you want to stream World Junior Games 2022 with Express VPN, the best thing to do would be to get a blackberry express VPN. You can do just simple one thing, download it from your play store and install it, simple right.
Express VPN has super and trustworthy services that can make users completely anonymous. This helps protect the user’s identity through secure encryption for proven internet connection on your mobile devices and computers. These provide are perfect choices for the streaming world junior games 2022, no matter where you are located or what time it is, or how valuable the content is. It does not require any setup and installation process, all these only take one tap on your screen then this could be done right away. Seek more by downloading the app now and enjoy the amazing benefits of using a stable, encrypted connection to watch events live without any interruption.

Step 1

Subscribe to ExpressVPN and download the app on your Device

Step 2

Connect to a server location where you can watch your sports.

Step 3

Choose a streaming service and connect. to watch your sports from anywhere!

Hulu with Live TV

hulu plus tv live

Hulu viewers can watch future Olympics broadcast events on a number of devices including gaming consoles, mobile phones, and tablets. Viewers will not be required to download any additional software or app into their browser or device in order to access live World Juniors when it is offered by NBC Sports and Fox Sports.

Hulu + Live TV
Base Price$64.99
Channels75 (Full list)
Free Trial7 Days (Sign up)
Best ForStreamers who want both live TV and on-demand content



It’s easy to Stream World Juniors 2022 live online with Vidgo. Once you’ve downloaded the app on your iOS or Android device, all you have to do is open it and sign up for a Vidgo account,  just like Netflix and Hulu. When prompted, provide your billing information and pay for one of their packages that suits what streaming needs you may have. 

There are three subscription tiers available. You can subscribe annually or month-to-month, whichever works best for your streaming habits.

Vidgo prices

Total number of channels
Vidgo Core ($40/mo.)1268
Sling Orange + Blue ($45/mo.)1852
Vidgo Plus ($50/mo.)1290
fuboTV ($55/mo.)19100+

YouTube TV

You can watch the World Juniors 2022 live online on Youtube TV. YouTube TV has easy one-stop access to a wide variety of live programming from different networks, as long as you have internet connectivity and a device that is compatible with their app. The interface is user-friendly so you should be able to figure out what’s available even if you’re not technologically inclined.

YouTube TV
Base Price$64.99
Channels101 (Full list)
Free Trial14 Days (Sign up)
Best ForFamilies, sports fans, and DVR binge junkies


In the USA, the NHL has confirmed its willingness to cover the IIHF World Junior 2021. NHL is also available in almost all the counties in the world. However, previous records dictate that Flosport may also broadcast the event. TSN is the only channel in Canada to show the tournament. In the Oceania area, L’Equipe has been the one to broadcast. Possibilities are that they will do this year again. On the other hand, DIRECTV had broadcasted the IIHF Juniors last year. 


Eurosport Italy has been covering the game for Italy, San Marino, and Vatican City for a long time. Premier sports had covered the game for the United Kingdoms. The Spanish had relied on Enjoy TV, while the Turkish had watched the game on Sport TV Turkey. Slovak TV was the one to broadcast the game in Slovakia while ZDF TV did the same for Germany. Almost all the national channels of all the countries in the European continent had broadcasted the game last year.


Chinese people had watched the game on CCTV. SBS Korea had broadcasted the game in the Korean Republic. People from Uzbekistan enjoyed the game on the National Television and Radio Company of Uzbekistan.


The only channel that has covered the entire Africa Continent is FOX AFRICA and this channel has been broadcasting the tournament year for a long time. People from Africa can enjoy the entire tournament by tuning to FOX AFRICA.

Online Ticket

People love nothing more than to watch a game directly. And, for the hockey lovers, this allure goes to the nth level. A hockey lover will be tempted to go to the Czech Republic and watch the games in the stadium. Some of them can do that but managing tickets just before the games is near to impossible. However, you can easily buy the tickets for the matches online. You will just have to go to the IIHF official website and buy a ticket from there. The tickets are not that expensive. A ticket will cost you around 290 CZK which is around 11.25 EUR max.


Accordion Sample DescriptioIt is you want to stream World Junior Games 2022 with Express VPN, the best thing to do would be to get a blackberry express VPN. You can do just simple one thing, download it from your play store and install it, simple right. Express VPN has super and trustworthy services that can make users completely anonymous. This helps protect the user's identity through secure encryption for proven internet connection on your mobile devices and computers. These provide are perfect choices for the streaming world junior games 2022, no matter where you are located or what time it is, or how valuable the content is. It does not require any setup and installation process, all these only take one tap on your screen then this could be done right away. Seek more by downloading the app now and enjoy the amazing benefits of using a stable, encrypted connection to watch events live without any interruption.n
AccordNo, the World Junior Hockey Championships are not always held in Canada. The history of it being hosted there is actually quite small. Canada has hosted 10 different tournaments, which is approximately 43% of all tournaments that have been hosted to date. If you exclude the 2 events that were won by a Canadian team this number drops to approximately 38%.ion Sample Description
The World Juniors in 2021 were won by the United States.
Canada last won the under 20 ice hockey (World Juniors) medal in 2020.
Junior hockey players are offered a weekly stipend that ranges from $50 to $100, which they can use for equipment and scholarships. They have the chance of being seen by talent scouts so they can join professional leagues.
Junior hockey is a prestigious level of competitive ice hockey that generally runs for players between 16 and 21 years old. Competitors are considered amateur, save some exceptions in the United States and Canada's leagues which operate within each country's region.
The age of 16-17 brings one to a new level in hockey, the junior category. This is when players are allowed to play on their country's national team for juniors. It allows them to compete internationally and really show what they have learned from playing up until this point.
Junior hockey has many levels, from Junior B to Major. In British Columbia / Yukon there are three leagues that offer these different types of junior hockey and more information on each can be found ages 16 to 20.
e restrictions concerning Junior hockey are in place to keep kids safe. Young players will be at a higher risk of injury and could suffer from developmental issues if they play too soon, so the rules have been made stricter on them.
unior hockey leagues in the United States are more expensive than some American children would want to pay. One fee, usually between $8,000 and $12,000 will cover all of a player's necessary equipment as well as travel expenses for practices and games across North America.
Yes, the tickets are available. You can go to and buy a ticket from there
Tickets can be bought for individual games. Their prices range from 90 CZK to 450 CZK per game, which is from around 3.5 EUR to 17.5 EUR. Tickets to quarterfinal and semifinal games can be purchased for 290 CZK or 11.25 EUR. For the bronze-medal game, the ticket price is set at 350 CZK or 13.60 EUR, and fans will pay 450 CZK for a ticket to the championship final. The tickets for the relegation series are for 90 CZR or 3.5 EUR.
ebsite or, or at Sazka outlets. Payment can be made in cash or by credit card, online via the internet. Reservations are valid until the end of the following day for internet orders.
Purchases can be made through the official websites of 2021 and 2022. world juniors. hockey and
One person can buy a maximum of 6 tickets per game when buying online. However, he/she can buy only 5 tickets per game on Sazka terminals.
Yes, you can. But, you should be careful about VPNs. Not all of them are reliable and some of them can steal your valuable information. We recommend Vypr VPN for you. It is reliable and fast.

Final word:

Here you go! Almost all the important information regarding the IIHF World Junior Championship 2020 has been presented here. The time is almost near. Just grab a ticket and enjoy the matches. Or, you can get into any of the mentioned channels to watch the tournament easily. But, be careful. The games are full of anticipation and excitement. You don’t want to lose your nails by chewing excessively. is not affiliated with, supported or endorsed by the World Junior Ice Hockey Championships. in any way. Our use of the term is for informational purposes only.

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